It’s not too late for Simon Cowell’s latest victim

(Published at The Telegraph’s blogs website on April 6th, 2012)


As Sir Thomas Beecham once said, you should try everything once, except incest, Morris dancing and an evening in with Britain’s Got Talent. OK, perhaps he didn’t put it quite like that, but I like to think that, were he around today, he wouldn’t think twice about adding ITV’s weekly extravaganza of exploitation and mediocrity to his list of exclusions.  As the premier showcase and facilitator for the nation’s indecent obsession with getting on the telly and becoming famous for failing to do anything remotely noteworthy, it has elevated tackiness to an art form.

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That awkward moment when people tell you you’re a fake

(Published at The Telegraph’s blogs website on March 19th, 2012)

In a blogpost that I wrote last week in the aftermath of Katherine Jenkins’ hysterical response to being parodied on Twitter, I asked why she attracts this kind of attention, and what drives a sane person to spend time and energy in the creation of an online persona for the sole purpose of rubbing her up the wrong way. Come to think of it, why have I invested three thousand words in the space of seven days in explaining why she fully deserves the contempt she receives from both those who earn their wages in the world of opera, and those who spend their money watching them? No doubt Jenkins, her fans and her best friend, the Daily Mail, would prefer to believe that I am obsessed with her. An elitist snob who is envious of her success. Probably a recluse. With lank hair and eczema. And an incriminating bag of sweets.

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Getting cross over Twitter leaves crossover Katherine looking foolish

It should come as a surprise to nobody that Welsh crossover singer, Katherine Jenkins has finally parted company with her grasp on reality. After all, the warning signs from a career that has always had more than just a whiff of fantasy about it have been flashing a lurid red for some time. The schism is so dramatic that my long-awaited opportunity to use the phrase “jumped the shark” has at last presented itself (though not, obviously, in the Urban Dictionary definition of a decline in “something that was once great.”) For Jenkins has been pouring out her heart to the press this week about being bullied on Twitter by an “obsessed opera fan.”

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